Become A Postal Point

A Postal Point is where we place our own PostalSort “post box” within an enterprise park, industrial estate or office block.

This allows smaller local businesses, that only occasionally post items of mail, to post their PostalSort envelopes. This not only saves them money on postage but often saves them making longer journeys to find a Royal Mail post box or post office. 

Why do we have Postal Points?

We have developed many efficient processes to drive down the cost of postage. Due to this we can not only provide the cheapest postage but can collect directly from our customers for free. However it is not cost effective to provide that free service to customers posting only a few items of mail per week. So rather than put our prices up, we have established postal points. This allows us to service multiple smaller customers with just one collection point for our drivers, maintaining our efficiency levels and therefore keeping our postage costs low.

Why become a Postal Point?

There are a number of reasons to become a Postal Point.

  • You may not produce a lot of mail but would still like to save money.
  • You are wasting time travelling to the nearest postbox or post office.
  • It may be an advantage to your business that people from neighbouring businesses visit your premises regularly to use the postbox. 
  • Increased footfall and passing trade.

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