Northern Ireland’s Franking Machine Alternative Postal Services


PostalSort is a Franking machine free postal system. Therefore there are no fees for inks, labels, maintenance etc.


It’s a common mistake to look only at a Royal Mail price guide when trying to find out how much it costs to post a letter using a franking machine. Although this postage price makes up part of the cost – it’s the sizeable costs associated with the franking machine that are often ignored.

A franking machine is basically a printer with built in software to store your pre–paid postage and keep tabs on what you’re posting. So when you buy or rent a franking machine a large portion of what you are paying for every month, is a computer that facilitates the franking machine supplier to charge you. When you add these rental charges to your postage it’s makes a significant difference to your costs. For example, if you post 100 letters/ day, you will post approx 2100 letters/month. Your monthly rental charges will be on average £150 per month depending on the size of the machine. That means the rent has cost you 7p for every letter that you sent. This will be significantly more if you post less than 100 per day.  What looked like a reasonable postage price just went up about 18%.

But that’s not all….let’s look at the printing costs. The machine that you are renting requires specific  ink cartridges costing around £150 each. They state they’ll print around 10,000 impressions.  This means that it costs you at least 1.5p per letter just to print the postage mark….even more if you print your logo.  When your franking machine company change their prices each year, they charge YOU to insert a new price card in your machine (approx. £80/year), oh and don’t they also charge you each time you upload funds to the machine?

These extras will add at least 20% to that postage price you read on the Royal Mail pricing chart. And if you want your franked mail collected from your offices – guess what, that’ll cost you too.  Royal Mail will charge another £750 per year.

We can offer an alternative….

  • PostalSort will collect your mail from your offices each day for Free.
  • PostalSort supplies you with a pre paid postage envelope so that you don’t have to pay for a computer that keeps tabs on what you are sending. Save money and office space!
  • PostalSort provides local businesses with over 1 million pre–printed envelopes every month.  Our in house printing equipment is so cost effective that we don’t charge to print your envelopes. Not only that, but our bulk purchasing of envelopes means that we can even give the envelopes to you for free as well.

So that’s a free collection, free envelopes, free printing and cheaper postage.

No wonder the question we are most commonly asked is……Is there a catch?

Quite simply…..No. There really is no catch, no contract, no fuss. 

Our innovation and efficiency ensure we can provide a cost effective business postal service.

It’s more efficient therefore it’s cheaper and easier to use PostalSort.